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Bitrate view

bit rate chart DVB-T
This bitrate view is based on the assumption that a complete constant bitrate transport stream is analyzed. When used on a partial transport stream with variable bitrate the results will have no meaning.


To zoom in on this chart click mouse button (left, middle or right) and select area of interest by dragging from top-left to bottom-right. Reset to original view by clicking mouse button and dragging from right to left, or bottom to top. Other way to zoom is to point at area of interest, and scroll mouse wheel up. Zoom out by scrolling mouse wheel down. Or you can right-click, and use the context-menu.


When zoomed in you can pan to another part of the graph by holding the CTRL-button and moving the mouse.


Toggle bitrate chart legend
When there are a lot of PIDs the legend may take up to much space. With the radio buttons on the top the legend may be switched off.


filter menuSelect View -> Filter to display this filter. It can be used to customize the bit rate, the bar, the grid view and the PCR/PTS/DTS View.
filter pop up

With the sliders at the top the start and end moment can be changed. This makes it possible to zoom in on a small interval. This control is not idiot proof, it is possible to set a later start moment than the end moment. However, the result will be without meaning.

The "steps" drop down changes the number of steps used to draw the chart, and calculate minimum and maximum values.

The PID filter section determines which PID are used in the charts. PIDs in the left list are not used, PIDs in the right list are. It is also possible to change the order of the PIDs.


video only PIDs

filter video PIDs
When you are interested in only the video bit rates remove all other PIDs from the right list. (Easiest is to use "swap" to remove all, than add only the MPEG2 Video PIDs back to the right list)

video bitrate
The bit rate chart showing only the video PIDs. When putting the mouse over the chart, exact values are shown for that PID at that moment.

DVB-H Zoom

dvb-h bitrate
This is the default bit rate display for a 31 second capture of the DVB-H (Handheld)service of KPN. It looks 'weird' on first impression.

filter zoom
We use the filter to zoom in on the first part (8.458 TS packets, or about 2 seconds).

dvb-h bitrate zoomed
Now this chart makes much more sense, it clearly shows the time slicing used by DVB-H. On DVB-H large pieces of data are transmitted in bursts, allowing the receiver to be switched off in inactive periods. This saves energy for the mostly battery operated devices.

This page was last modified on 29/10/2017