DVB Inspector


There are some limitations and/or known bugs to this program. Feel free to help resolve them!

  • Last Video PES packet is not parsed/displayed. When a (generated) file with an known number of video frames is parsed, the last PES-packet/frame is not shown. This is because the field PES_packet_length is set to 0 for video data, so DVB Inspector only considers a Video PES Packet as finished as soon as a new one is started.
  • The last TS-packet of Blu-ray .m2ts files will not be read/displayed. Blu-ray TS-packets are 192 bytes long and start with 4 signalling/timestamp bytes, followed by 188 payload. DVB Inspector expects any 'extra' bytes above 188 at the end of a TS-packet. So it will show the wrong timestamp at the end of a packet, and assume the last packet is not complete, because it was not followed by 4 bytes.
  • Bitrate measurements and graphs have no meaning when feeding it a partial or variable rate MPEG transport stream. DVB inspector assumes total bit rate is fixed for entire file length.
  • Not possible to use DVB device directly. You have to capture a transport stream first using some other program, and then you can use DVB Inspector.
  • The names of the resource files for ID look-up should be defined in a .properties file. Now they are hard coded.

These are some of the features that may be implemented in a next version of this tool. Suggestions are welcome.

  • Print (part of) tree
  • Export (part of) tree to HTML or XML file
  • More robust parsing of input
  • Implement more (private) descriptors

Suggestions for new features are always welcome. Even better, implement it yourself and submit a diff or Pull Request.


When you want a feature added (or a bug resolved) please create an issue on GitHub.com. For solving bugs it would be nice if you can make a sample transport stream available. For feature requests a sample stream, and specifications would be nice. Please note, there is no guarantee your request can or will be implemented. This project is done in my spare time.

This page was last modified on 2/07/2023