DVB Inspector

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Grid view

Grid view
The grid view shows individual packets of the transport stream, using the same colors as the bitrate chart. When the mouse is placed over a box, the mouse over shows details of that packet.

Show adaptation Field

Grid view

Show Adaptation Field When the check box "Show Adaptation Field" is selected all packets for which an adaptation field is present are shown like this.

Show Payload Start When the check box "Show Payload Start" is selected all packets for which payload start flag is set are shown like this.

Show Error Indicator When the check box "Show Error Indicator" is selected all packets for which the transport_error_indicator flag is set are shown like this.


Grid view zoom
With the Zoom radio buttons the size of the 'packet boxes' can be changed. When it is small it is easy to get a overview how distributed the PIDs are.


Grid view lines
With the Grid Lines radio buttons lines can be drawn across the grid. This can help in counting distance between packets, specially when there are multiple packets with the same PID (hence same color).

Enable TS Packets

Grid view TS Packets Enabled
When TS packets is enabled in the settings menu the content of TS packets is shown in the mouse over. This is the same data as is shown in the Tree TS packets view.. Be aware this option uses a lot of memory, so only enable it for small files (<1 minute).


For most transport streams the picture will show very little structure, but for example a DVB-H stream will clearly show the time slicing.

DVB-H Time slicing
This is part of the DVB-H service. The time slices are easy to see.

Grid Filter

PMTs in grid view
When we filter the example stream to show only the PMT fields, we see these are closely grouped together at almost constant distances.

This page was last modified on 7/01/2017