DVB Inspector

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Tree view - Transport Stream Packets

TS Packets View
DVB inspector loads the TS packets when it is needed for display. So if the file is on a slow (network) drive some delay may be noticeable.

When a single TS packet is selected the display on the right will show header details, adaptation field (if present) and payload data.

Adaptation Field

Adaptation field with AU_information data field and TEMI Timeline Descriptor
For an adaptation field private data fields of type "Announcement switching data field" and "AU_information data field" are supported. For the extension field "Timed External Media Information" (TEMI) is supported.

PES Header

TS Packet PES Header
When a TS packet contains PES data, and has payload_unit_start_indicator set it contains the header of a PES packet. This data is also shown in the TS packet view.

This page was last modified on 29/10/2017