DVB Inspector


Building DVB Inspector

Because DVB Inspector is open source it comes with its source files in the .zip file. This way you can modify it and add functionality. But how do you get from source files to a working program? When you already know how to build a maven project with Eclipse or NetBeans you can skip this page.

DVB Inspector can also be cloned from Github


For building DVB Inspector you will need a java and Maven installed. Java needs to be at least version 17, and a JDK (Development kit, not a JRE). How to install and configure JDK and Maven is out of scope for this introduction, but should be straight forward.


From within a command prompt change to the directory where you extracted DVB Inspector. In this directory you should find the file "pom.xml". In this directory enter the command "mvn clean install". This will remove the results from any previous builds, and create a new target directory in which the new version of DVB inspector will be created.

First time you build DVB inspector maven will download a lot of dependencies from the internet. This may take some time.

Please notice, the clean target of maven will fail if you still have a copy of DVB Inspector running from the target directory. First close DVB inspector and try again.


You will notice there are no unit tests provided with DVBinspector-1.x.0-dist.zip. There are some very basic tests available, but you have to get them from github. The reason they are not included in the standard distribution zip is to keep the file small. They need some rather large test streams, and most people will not need them anyway. Both unit tests and resource file are available from github. If the unit tests are present the maven build will execute them, and stop the build when one of the tests fails.

Most important test to run is TransportStreamTest.java. This will do some basic validations on a normal stream.

TransportStreamMissingPacketsTest.java uses a stream with a lot of continuity errors. This validates some of the error handling of DVB Inspector.

This page was last modified on 28/06/2023